Certified Forklift Safety Training Is Needed To Prevent Serious Injuries.

Forklift safety in the workplace can save lives and prevent serious injuries. You need to have a Forklift Licence from WorkSafe Victoria to maintain a safe workplace environment. This type of licence involves 29 different classes or competencies. A forklift competency proves that you can operate a forklift truck safely and use it for shifting and lifting loads.

To obtain your forklift licence, you need to go through an accredited forklift licence and training program. At COVE Training, we offer this type of course from our locations in Dandenong or Seaford. The course lasts for three or two days and will consist both of classroom sessions and warehouse sessions. Two day weekend courses are also available. You will learn essential safety processes for forklift operation, as well as how to drive a forklift and use it for shifting and lifting heavy loads. Forklift safety, maintenance and storage will also be including in the course.


Operate A Forklift Safely With COVE Forklift Licence and Training

Recently there have been several instances of unsafe work practices in the state of Victoria including two fatalities. One of those at Lethbridge, about 30km north-west of Geelong where a 41 year-old man was struck by a forklift whilst working on a poultry farm. The man who was wearing dark clothing, suffered serious chest, spine and pelvis injuries and died at the scene. The other was an elevated work platform incident in Braeside. A 39 year-old man died in hospital from his injuries.

These workplace deaths and injuries are totally avoidable with the right training and ongoing instruction. Forklift safety could have prevented this serious and tragic accident.

To operate any forklift safely, you need to obtain a TLILIC2001 forklift licence. COVE Training offers a three-day forklift course week days and a two day course on weekends. The forklift licence course includes classroom and warehouse training. It starts on a variety of dates so you will surely be able to find one that is convenient for you. This course is the most efficient and cost effective way to obtain your forklift licence to make sure you operate safely in the workplace.

In COVE’S forklift licence course, you will learn how to operate a forklift safely and effectively. Topics will focus on planning, conducting routine safety and maintenance checks on the forklift and any concerns about shifting and lifting loads. You will also learn about how to safely shut down and secure the forklift after use.Forklift safety is a high priority during the course.

As with many of our courses, applicants for their forklift licence training in could be required to do some pre-course reading and an activity book that cover some of the material to be covered in the course. You will be provided with these items once you have enrolled and paid for the forklift licence course.


Get Qualifications To Operate A Forklift Safely

Safety comes first. When working in a warehouse or on a jobsite, your work colleagues need to know what you’re able to operate your forklift safely all times. For that reason choose COVE Training we are your best bet. Our comprehensive, responsible and affordable programs will make sure you’re both competent and certified to operate a forklift, as well as many other kinds of machinery. Call 03 9776 4466 for more information. (RTO) No. 21386