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In Victoria, the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) is delivering the Transport Management Reform (TMR) program to transform the traffic management industry. It will provide the extra support needed to promote safety on the road network and reduce unnecessary congestion and delays around worksites. Find out more about the TMR program here.

These new requirements will come into effect on the 1st of March, 2024.

TMI 2 Course

Duration Course Fee Available Location Important
1 day
$550 (includes $100 Austroads registration fees). Call COVE Training on 03 8773 9000 for more details.
You can complete this course at our Dandenong and Thomastown locations where you will learn in a classroom and within practical settings, plus it is available on weekends. We also offer onsite training for groups with a minimum booking of six (6) participants.
You must have completed TC1 and TMI1 before starting TMI2. TMI2 must be completed before progressing to TMI3.

Gain your Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) 2 course with COVE Training. The TMI2 course will teach you the skills to work on high-volume roads. Our experienced team has been training Victoria’s traffic management workforce for over 20 years.

Practical Training: 3 different setups of practical experience with an Accredited Traffic Management company selected by COVE. Theory training run by COVE. All elements of training managed by COVE.

Practical experience requirements must be completed on declared Temporary Traffic Management Category 2 roads within at least six months of successfully completing the theoretical component.

TTM National Training Program Skill Sets

TMI2 – RIISS00061 – Traffic Management Implementer Skill Set for High Volume Roads

  • RIIWHS304 – Implement traffic management plans on high volume roads
  • RIIBEF301D – Run on-site operations


  • Completion of the RIISS00060 Traffic Management Implementer Skill Set for Urban Streets and Low Volume Rural Roads. Get this skill set with COVE!
  • At least one month experience applying skills and knowledge relevant to the above-mentioned skill set in a temporary traffic management workplace
  • Provide evidence of relevant experience setting up at least 12 temporary traffic management types including high speed roads or high-volume roads, and at least two of the following types:
    • Pedestrian and cyclist controls
    • Construction sites
    • Lane closures
    • Shoulder closures
    • Night works
    • Use of portable traffic control devices
    • Motorways or freeways
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • COVE Training does not have CRICOS accreditation and is unable to train studets on an ‘International Student’ VISA.

Incidental Expenses

All students undertaking this course will be required to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to undertake the practical placement hours with a traffic company. PPE may vary between traffic organisations facilitating practical placement, and all students are required to confirm the mandatory PPE with their placement organization directly to ensure compliance. Common mandatory PPE items you will be required to provide include 2 way radios, high-vis pants, hard hat, safety glasses, high vis shirt/vest/jacket, Steel capped boots and gloves. You can view infographic on PPE items HERE.

Pathways Forward


Austroads in consultation with the industry have implemented these changes due to the amount of deaths, serious injuries and minor injuries in the Temporary Traffic Management Industry

There are now practical placement requirements and fees that are paid to Austroads.  These can all be viewed in the course fees agreements

If you are not already employed in the industry, Cove Training will facilitate the practical placement component of your training.

TMI1 must be completed and certified before you can enrol in TMI2

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