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To give your career a real shot in the arm, the completion of a Traffic Control Course Melbourne could be just the thing. So at COVE Training we’ve put together the best traffic control courses in Melbourne. When you’re competing against thousands of people for the best jobs you need the right training. You might be working in Australia’s highly lucrative construction industry. But you’re not alone and even your closest colleagues will be trying to gain an edge over you.

A Traffic Control Course in Melbourne could be the answer.

With the construction industry in Melbourne going full steam ahead there’s always going to be rife competition within your company between people wanting to earn a promotion. Additionally, you might not want to work in construction in a few years’ time, but you’ll need to be equipped with transferable skills if you’re going to transition to a new industry successfully. Fortunately, you can undertake a range of comprehensive courses to earn qualifications and boost your CV. A Traffic Control qualification is one of them.


RIIWHS205E Control traffic with stop-slow bat

COVE Training, is an accredited provider of courses that relate to the construction, mining and infrastructure industries. We believe that our centres are the best in Melbourne. We offer flexible courses to make sure you can fit them into your busy schedule.

How Can A Traffic Control Course Melbourne Help You?

You might think that traffic control is as easy as setting a few signs on the road side. But if you don’t know what you’re doing things could go horrible wrong. Thats why you need to have the necessary skills to prevent what could be a serious accident. Plus, there’s no better way to demonstrate to your employer you’ve got the skills and knowledge to do the job professionally.

Here are some of skills you need to control traffic with stop-slow bat through

  • Site and equipment safety requirements
  • Traffic controlling requirements and procedures
  • Complying with traffic management plans
  • The Traffic Control course involves erecting traffic control signage and barricades
  • Communication device operations
  • Determine equipment types, characteristics, technical capabilities and limitations operational and maintenance procedures for equipment
  • Detailing site isolation and traffic control responsibilities and authorities
  • Describing the effects of travel speed and vehicle mass on stopping distances
  • Interpreting and implementing safe work method statement

Traffic Control Course Melbourne

A traffic control course can really boost your confidence

Become more confident at work

Remember, traffic control is not as easy as it looks. Its not just about putting up signs to let people know you’re working. It’s about proper planning and ensuring construction causes the minimum disruption to motorists and pedestrians.


Learn transferable skills

You might not want to work in construction forever, but it’s not easy to transition to another industry where you have no experience. We deliver comprehensive courses that provide you with transferable skills, and you’ll be able to work in the mining and infrastructure industries with ease.

We never stop learning as we journey through our lives. But we need proven qualifications to be noticed by potential employers. Undergo traffic control training in Melbourne with us and watch your career blossom.

Now Is A Great Time To Do A Traffic Control Course in Melbourne

To improve your skills you can attend our Dandenong or Thomastown sites for a traffic control course. You’ll receive a certificate upon completion that you can use to highlight your qualifications on your CV.

At COVE Training, we don’t believe that any of us have any time to waste. You need to keep gaining new skills if you want to be successful, and you can complete many of our comprehensive courses in less than a day. (RTO) No. 21386

To book call 03 8773 9000.



This course is delivered in a classroom and practical based setting over 1 day from our Dandenong and Thomastown locations.

We can also come to your site if you have ten or more participants.

Traffic Control classes start at 8:00 am at our Dandenong site and 8:30 am at Thomastown.

There are morning tea breaks and lunch breaks during all courses.

Seaford and Thomastown both have lunch shops within walking distance.  At Dandenong a lunch truck visits the site at 12:15 every weekday.  Best to bring your own food on the weekends.  We provide a fridge, microwave and sandwich maker.  Tea, coffee and filtered water are provided on all of our sites.

You need a sun hat or raincoat depending on the weather.  We provide sunscreen. We ask that everyone brings their own hi vis vest due to Covid.  Closed in footwear is mandatory for all classes, we do recommend protective footwear where possible.  Protective footwear is mandatory for plant and machinery courses and dogging.

First Aid, CPR and Traffic Refresher courses have online work that is to be completed before attending your classes.  Failing to complete the online component may result in you being unable to finish the course on the day your are enrolled.

Completing the workbook prior to plant and machinery courses is recommended.  All other courses have access to the learner guides and students are welcome study these prior to their courses.

At Cove Training we endeavour to help all students be successful.  This may involve verbal rather than written assessment.  Students attending the course on several occasions before undertaking assessment. Sometimes we may provide a student with a learner guide and advise they study it and return in a few weeks.  We try and find the best solution for each students learning requirements. We do offer White Card courses in languages other than English with an interpreter.