Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

By COVE Training

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RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

Course Description

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations qualification reflects the role of a skilled operator working with civil construction plant, who applies a broad range of skills in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. The individual may provide theoretical advice and support a team.

Target Participants

This course is designed for students who want to develop new skills and increase their employment prospects in the Civil Construction Industry.

Cove Training Course Admission Requirements

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations has the following admission requirements:

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have completed Year 10 in the Australian school system or equivalent
  • Must have physical characteristics required for effective plant operations
  • Students must have Language and literacy at ACSF Level 2 and numeracy skills at ACSF Level 3
  • Construction Induction Card (White Card) and must be issued by Worksafe Victoria

Participant Identification Requirements

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations has the following specific participant identification requirements for an application for enrolment to be accepted:

  • Unique Student Identifier. Visit www.usi.gov.au
  • Australian legal photo identification to verify identity for assessment purposes.

Course Duration

The standard course duration is twelve (12) months.

Participants may complete the program earlier than these timelines through achievement of RPL or credit transfer. Please refer to the Cove Training Student Handbook for further information.

Course Delivery Mode

Course Arrangements

Participants should expect to undertake approximately 64 hours study & course activities per unit (24 hours per week) for the standard duration of the course. It is noted that there is large variation between units in study requirements – please refer to the Course Schedule for further information.

Schedule and Sequencing

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations is available for open enrolment throughout the year.

Licensing Requirements

There are no licensed units of competency in the packaging rules that COVE Training has selected for this qualification.

Student Tuition Fees

The course tuition fees are $6050.00 Full fee paying students

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Fee is $2000.00.

COVE Training’s Student Advice and Selection Policy outlines in detail a process to be followed for granting Recognition of Prior Learning.

Call the friendly team at COVE on 03 8773 9000 for more information.

The student tuition fees are subject to change.

Unit CodeUnit NameCore or ElectiveHours
RIIBEF201DPlan and organise workCore20
RIICCM201DCarry out measurements and calculationsCore20
RIICCM202DIdentify, locate and protect underground servicesCore30
RIICCM203DRead and interpret plans and specificationsCore40
RIICCM205ECarry out manual excavationCore8
RIICCM206DSupport plant operationsCore8
RIICCM207DSpread and compact materials manuallyCore12
RIICCM208DCarry out basic levellingCore16
RIICOM201DCommunicate in the workplaceCore20
RIIWHS201DWork safely and follow OHS policies and proceduresCore20
RIISAM201DHandle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materialsCore16
RIISAM203DUse hand and power toolsCore80
RIISAM204DOperate small plant and equipmentCore20
RIIWMG203DDrain and dewater civil construction siteCore20
RIIMPO318EConduct civil construction skid steer loader operationsElective80
RIIMPO319DConduct backhoe/loader operationsElective200
RIIMPO320EConduct civil construction excavator operationsElective200
RIIMPO321EConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operationsElective160
RIIMPO323DConduct civil construction dozer operationsElective240

The elective unit options listed represent the only approved elective unit options offered that have been selected and approved for delivery by COVE Training.

Total course nominal hours, for the course selected are 1210.

RPL / Credit Transfer

COVE Training’s Student Advice and Selection Policy outlines in detail a process to be followed for granting Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer. This is supported with RPL Resources available for all course units.

Participants must apply for RPL or Credit Transfer prior to or immediately after formal enrolment but prior to the commencement of the delivery of the units. Any RPL’s granted must be accepted and signed off by the participant.

Credit Transfer is granted if a participant has an original Statement of Attainment* for the unit of competency they are seeking credit for.

Or a copy of original Statement of Attainment that has been certified by an approved professional.  See link below for approved occupations and professions.


Delivery Location

COVE Training

5 Broadlands Street, Dandenong, VIC

Phone: (03) 8773 9000

Delivery Arrangements

The delivery environment is classroom based with the addition of a simulated workplace for practical skills assessment.

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations course delivery typically occurs during weekdays and standard working hours. Weekend or out of standard hours’ sessions may however be negotiated on a client by client basis if needed.

The delivery approaches used are face to face delivery.

As the learning topics are a mix of theory and practical content, this approach is most suitable to provide the individual all the required skills and knowledge to be deemed competent in this qualification.

Assessment Approach / Evidence Gathering Techniques

Assessments for all units include the three main assessment approaches as noted below:

  • Theory Assessment – Questioning in verbal and/or written form.
  • Practical Assessment – including:

Project work– Creating and providing work product(s) and questioning/explanation where required.

Observation – Observation/demonstration of the participant’s skills & knowledge via Assessor observation in the work environment and review of work product(s) where applicable.

Unit of CompetencyTheory AssessmentPractical Assessment
Carry out measurements and calculationsYesYesYes
Identify, locate and protect underground servicesYesYesYes
Read and interpret plans and specificationsYesYesYes
Carry out manual excavationYesYesYes
Support plant operationsYesYesYes
Spread and compact materials manuallyYesYesYes
Carry out basic levellingYesYesYes
Communicate in the workplaceYesYesYes
Work safely and follow OHS policies and proceduresYesYesYes
Handle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materialsYesYesYes
Use hand and power toolsYesYesYes
Operate small plant and equipmentYesYesYes
Drain and dewater civil construction siteYesYesYes
Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operationsYesYesYes
Conduct backhoe/loader operationsYesYesYes
Conduct civil construction excavator operationsYesYesYes
Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operationsYesYesYes
Conduct civil construction dozer operationsYesYesYes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Cove training will provide each student with a high visibility vest and disposable earplugs


Each student will be required to provide the following PPE themselves:

  • Safety footwear
  • Hard hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Safety goggles
  • Riggers gloves

Educational & Support Services

The design and content of this course supports equitable access and progression for all participants. Cove Training:

Has ensured that training and assessment processes and methods do not disadvantage individual learners; and

Determines the needs of individual learners and provides access to any educational and support services necessary.

Please refer to the Access & Equity Policy in the Cove Training Policy Manual for further information.

Reasonable Adjustment

Reasonable adjustments to the way in which evidence of performance is gathered (e.g. in terms of the information to be provided to the candidate and the type of evidence to be collected from the candidate) is provided by Cove Training in this course only where the adjustments do not alter the expected performance standards for learning and assessment.

Please refer to the Access & Equity Policy in the Cove Training Policy Manual for further information.

RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

Course Schedule

Course CodeUnit CodeUnit NameStudy Weeks
RII30815Pre-Training Review, Enrolment & Orientation
RII30815Cluster 1
RII30815RIIBEF201DPlan and organise workWeeks 1 - 5
RII30815RIIWHS201DWork safely and follow OHS policies and procedures
RII30815RIICOM201DCommunicate in the workplace
RII30815Cluster 2
RII30815RIICCM201DCarry out measurements and calculationsWeeks 6 - 10
RII30815RIICCM203DRead and interpret plans and specifications
RII30815RIISAM201DHandle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materials
RII30815RIICCM202DIdentify, locate and protect underground services
RII30815Cluster 3
RII30815RIICCM205ECarry out manual excavationWeeks 11 - 15
RII30815RIICCM207DSpread and compact materials manually
RII30815RIICCM208DCarry out basic levelling
RII30815RIISAM203DUse hand and power tools
RII30815Cluster 4
RII30815RIISAM204DOperate small plant and equipmentWeeks 16 - 20
RII30815RIIWMG203DDrain and dewater civil construction site
RII30815Cluster 5 (Holistic simulated workplace)
RII30815RIIMPO318EConduct civil construction skid steer loader operationsWeeks 21 - 52
RII30815RIIMPO320EConduct civil construction excavator operations
RII30815Cluster 6 (Holistic simulated workplace)
RII30815RIIMPO321EConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operationsWeeks 21 - 52
RII30815RIIMPO319DConduct backhoe/loader operations
RII30815Cluster 7 (Holistic simulated workplace)
RII30815RIIMPO323DConduct civil construction dozer operationsWeeks 21 - 52
RII30815RIICCM206DSupport plant operations
Course Evaluation
This schedule is subject to change

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