Looking at Jobs in the Victoria Trucking Industry?

Get a Light Rigid Truck Licence in Melbourne

Do you love driving? Have you held a valid Australia driver’s licence for at least 12 months? Are you interested in a career that involves the skilled operation of a light rigid tuck? If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you might be a perfect candidate for a job in Melbourne’s trucking or busing industries. Before you will be able to get a job in either industry, though, you will need to hold a heavy vehicle licence. Obtaining your light rigid truck licence is a good place to start.

Getting a Light Rigid Truck Licence

At COVE Training, we offer training courses to help drivers obtain various tiers of heavy vehicle licences. For instance, you can work with us to obtain your light rigid licence in Melbourne, which qualifies you to drive smaller, lighter-weight buses and trucks. To drive heavier, larger and less manoeuvrable vehicles, you will need a medium rigid or heavy rigid licence. You can train for both of these licence types at COVE Training, as well.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the differences between the different types of heavy vehicle licences. This information should help you decide which commercial truck licencing course to take at COVE Training.

  • Light Rigid Truck Licence: A light rigid licence in Victoria permits you to drive a truck or bus with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) between 4.5 tonnes and 8 tonnes. Any bus driver wishing to operate a vehicle with more than 12 adult passengers must hold at least a light rigid licence.
  • Medium Rigid Licence: A medium rigid licence allows drivers to operate slightly larger buses or trucks than a light rigid licence in Vic. Vehicles in the medium rigid class have a GVM of more than 8 tonnes. There is no top ceiling to the GVM of medium rigid vehicles, unlike with light rigid vehicles. However, the limitation is that medium rigid vehicles can only have two axles.
  • Heavy Rigid Licence: A heavy rigid licence, like a medium rigid licence, allows the driver to operate vehicles more than 8 tonnes in GVM. The difference is that heavy rigid vehicles have three or more axles.

In addition to the light rigid truck licence, COVE Training also offers courses for heavy combination licences. Heavy combination vehicles are typically larger semi trucks with longer, heavier trailers. To apply for this type of licence, you must first hold a medium rigid or heavy rigid licence for at least a year.

To learn more about this licence type (or the others discussed above), click here to read about them on the VicRoads website.

Get Started with the Right Truck Licence for You

If you aren’t sure which type of trucking licence is right for you, you might consider a HR licence or MR licence to start your trucking career in Melbourne, Victoria. Alternatively, give us a call at COVE Training, and we will help you better understand the distinctions between the different licence types. You can reach us on (03) 8773 9000. (RTO) No. 21386