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COVE Training provides licensing and training solutions for people that work, or wish to work in the construction, mining and infrastructure industries. We offer short courses as well as Certificate level qualifications for those industries. We are based in Melbourne and feel that we provide the best training for employees in the construction industry. We offer high quality, competitively priced training on an accelerated timeline.

Types of Truck Training in Melbourne

COVE Training offers the truck licence training you are looking for in Melbourne. We provide training for the Medium Rigid truck license, commonly referred to as MR truck licence training.

We also offer Heavy Rigid truck licence Synchromesh and Non-Synchromesh training. The terms “synchromesh” and “non-synchromesh” refer to the type of transmission or gearbox in the truck. A synchromesh gearbox ensures that the drive gears are synchronised and turn at the same speed when a gear is engaged. This is a much easier gearbox to operate than the non-synchromesh gearbox. In a non-synchromesh gearbox, the operator must utilise a certain level of skill to ensure the drive gears and the transmission gears turn at roughly the same speed.

Non-synchromesh gearboxes are often used in heavy equipment as the softer components in a synchromesh gearbox tend to wear more quickly and are far less durable than the non-synchromesh type. As an aside, motorcycles typically use a non-synchromesh gearbox, as the forces in the gearbox are much less than other vehicles, allowing the gears to mesh into place on their own without a problem.

We also offer training for a Heavy combination truck licence – synchromesh.

The MR truck licence training in Melbourne is a one-day course for experienced drivers and a one-and-a-half-day course for drivers with little or no experience. The heavy rigid or HR synchromesh truck licence training in Melbourne is also one day for experienced drivers and one-and-a-half days for inexperienced drivers. The HR non-synchromesh truck licence training is one and a half days for experienced drivers and two days for the inexperienced driver. The Heavy Combination Truck licence training is one-and-a-half days for experienced drivers and two days for the inexperienced driver.

Obtaining Your MR Licence in Melbourne

The MR licence training is designed to provide the applicant with the driving skills and knowledge to successfully gain an MR licence. To obtain your MR licence, you must have a current Australian driver’s licence that has been valid for a minimum of six months. You also need a secondary form of identification. You must be competent in a manual transmission vehicle and pass an eye test. If you do not already have a heavy vehicle licence, you are required to take a written exam.

As part of the coursework to assess your progress, we will administer a written test and ensure that you are competent in Pre-operational checks of the vehicle and load, cabin drills, reversing, load securing and vehicle operation and control.

Many people who undertake this training follow the pathways toward Certificate III in Warehouse Operations or the Certificate III in Driver Operations. (RTO) No. 21386